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Matrix MLM WooCommerce is a type of multi-level marketing (MLM) system integrated with the WooCommerce e-commerce platform for WordPress. Multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing, is a business model in which participants earn commissions not only for their direct sales but also for the sales made by the people they recruit into their downline.

In the context of WooCommerce, Matrix MLM typically refers to a specific compensation plan or structure used by e-commerce businesses. In a Matrix MLM plan, participants are organized into a matrix or a grid with a fixed number of rows and columns. Each participant can recruit a limited number of people in their frontline, and any additional recruits are placed underneath others in the matrix, creating a spill-over effect.

Here are some key features of Matrix MLM WooCommerce:

  1. Matrix Structure: Participants are organized into a matrix, often with a fixed number of positions on each level. Common matrix configurations include 2×2, 3×3, or 5×5, where each level has a set number of positions.
  2. Limited Frontline: Participants can only recruit a limited number of people on their frontline. Any additional recruits will be placed in the matrix below existing participants, helping to fill out the matrix structure.
  3. Commissions: Participants earn commissions based on the sales made by themselves and their downline. The specific commission structure may vary depending on the MLM plan used.
  4. WooCommerce Integration: The integration of this MLM structure with WooCommerce means that participants can earn commissions on the sales of products or services sold through a WooCommerce-powered online store. This can be a powerful way to incentivize participants to promote and sell products from the e-commerce website.
  5. Spillover: The spillover effect occurs when a participant recruits more people than their frontline allows. The additional recruits are placed underneath other participants in the matrix, which can benefit others in the network.

It’s important to note that MLM business models have been controversial and are regulated in some countries. Some people consider them to be pyramid schemes if the focus is primarily on recruiting new participants rather than selling actual products or services. Businesses and individuals involved in Matrix MLM WooCommerce need to ensure that their operations comply with local laws and regulations related to MLM and e-commerce.

Live Demo – Force Matrix Mlm Software

Force Matrix MLM WooCommerce Plan

Admin Features (Backend)

General Settings:

  • Register Users to FMW during Checkout: Automatically register users to the Force Matrix MLM plan when they complete a WooCommerce checkout.
  • Redirect After Registration: Define the page users are redirected to after registration.
  • Affiliate User Redirect Page: Specify the page to redirect affiliate users after they log in.
  • Network Width: Set the number of direct referrals each user can have.
  • Network Height: Define the number of levels in the MLM network.
  • Withdrawal Limit: Establish the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits for users.
  • License Key: Optionally use a license key for software activation and management.


  • No. of Personal Referral(s): Set the required number of personal referrals for users to be eligible for commissions and bonuses.

Mapping Settings:

  • Order Completion Status: Define the status that an order must reach to be eligible for commission calculations.

Payout Settings:

  • Commission Type: Choose between percentage-based or fixed commissions.
  • Company Commission: Set the commission percentage or amount for the company.
  • Referral Commission: Define the commission for direct referrals.
  • Level Commission: Set the commission rates for different levels in the network.

Regular Bonus Settings:

  • Minimum No. Of Direct Referral: Specify the minimum number of direct referrals needed to qualify for a regular bonus.
  • Maximum No. Of Direct Referral: Set the maximum number of direct referrals considered for regular bonus calculations.
  • Amount Type: Choose whether the bonus is a fixed amount or a percentage.
  • Bonus Amount: Define the amount of the bonus.
  • Max Amount: Set the maximum bonus amount that can be earned.

Email Settings:

  • User Welcome or Registration Mail: Configure the email sent to users upon registration.
  • Network Growing Mail: Set up email notifications for network growth.
  • Payout Received Mail: Configure emails for when users receive payouts.
  • Withdrawal Initiated Mail: Set up emails for when a withdrawal request is initiated.
  • Withdrawal Processed Mail: Configure emails for when a withdrawal is processed.

SMS Settings:

  • Activate SMS: Enable or disable SMS notifications.
  • SMS Gateways: Configure SMS gateway settings.
  • Text Local Details: Provide API Key and Sender ID for the Text Local SMS service.

Frontend Features

User Registrations and Logins:

  • Allow users to register and log in through the WooCommerce and WordPress interface.

User Dashboard:

  • Affiliate Link: Provide users with a unique affiliate link.
  • Total Direct Referrals: Display the total number of direct referrals for the user.
  • Total Referral Commission: Show the total referral commissions earned.
  • Total Level Commission: Display the total level commissions earned.
  • Total Regular Bonus: Show the total regular bonus amount.
  • Total Earned Amount: Display the total earnings of the user.
  • Total E-wallet Balance: Show the current e-wallet balance.


  • Direct Referrals: List all direct referrals of the user.
  • Payouts: Display all payout records.
  • Withdrawals: Show all withdrawal requests and their statuses.
  • Referral Orders: List orders that contribute to referral commissions.

Genealogy View & New User Add:

  • Provide a visual representation of the user’s network (genealogy tree).
  • Allow users to add new members to their network.

Withdrawal Settings:

  • Define the minimum and maximum amounts that can be withdrawn.

E-wallet Transactions:

  • Display details of all e-wallet transactions, including:
    • Transaction ID
    • Amount
    • Status
    • Transaction Type
    • Reference
    • Comment

These features enable a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for managing Force Matrix MLM plans within a WooCommerce and WordPress environment, covering both administrative and user functionalities.